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Gaming for Good

by Christine

People often don’t take video games or gamers seriously. Despite it being one of the largest entertainment industries of our time, there are still many who think of video games as a time sink, an...

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Being (Truly) Diverse

by Sean Aaron

As a man of color working in marketing, my ears always perk up when someone mentions diversity. Often when I hear the concept of diversity discussed in meetings, it is almost always discussed in...

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Amazon vs. Apple and Google

by Faley

This week, Amazon announced that they were banning sales of Apple TV and Chromecast hardware from its online store due to competition with their own Amazon Fire hardware. While this move may seem...

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NYFW: Exclusivity vs. Accessibility

by Hart

The bi-annual sartorial circus that is New York Fashion Week winds down this week, and - like I’ve done since age 13 or so - I’ve been immersing myself in the non-stop style coverage. I’m down to riff...

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What the eff is my 3D-printed glass strategy?

by Caleb Kramer

Drones, check. Virtual reality, yup. Wearables, done. 3D-printed glass... what! Yes, you read that right. 3D-printed glass is now a real thing, thanks to MIT's Mediated Matter. Add that to your...

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Instincts, Decisions, and Making That Paper

by Kim David

Most people believe that we make decisions quite rationally, simply using facts to arrive at an answer. While that may be true in some cases, we can agree that emotions are heavily involved in the...

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Join Carrot in Sharing Why You Choose #BooksNotBullets for Malala Day 2015

by Kim David

At Carrot, we’re lucky enough to work with not only notable brands and organizations, but ones that make a considerable impact in the world we live in as well. Malala Fund is exactly one of those...

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Perspective: the Role of Print in a Digital Age

by Caleb

Remember print media? It's not doing so well, at least not by traditional measures. Of time spent with all types of media, people only spend 5% with print. Digital, mobile and social are all...

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Kong: the Latest Way to Play with Your Selfie

by Caleb Kramer

Kong is the latest tool for people looking to express themselves online in fun new ways. Available for Android and iOS, the app lets people capture and share selfies as animated GIFs. It's the...

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Meerkat and the Exciting Future of Mobile Live Streaming

by Caleb Kramer

It's been a few weeks since Meerkat, Silicon Valley's latest startup darling, hit the scene. And it's still red hot. So much so, that Greylock Partners, a well established venture capital...

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Topics Trending in Tandem: A Social Timeline of Ferguson Topics

by Emily

Social media is now the fastest way to share information on a local and global level. From a quick access source for the latest news, to a public forum for large scale discussions around human rights...

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Keeping Up With The Carters

by Amanda

As a strategist, it's imperative to be a part of and understand culture... it's likely my favorite part about being a strategist. I'm obsessed with understanding who people are, how they...

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The DL on WWDC14

by Lloyd

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) Keynote on June 2nd unveiled a number of software changes to OS X and iOS, creating a more integrated experience across Apple devices. The overhauled...

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dd:IMPACT! The Design Edition

by Lloyd

Design is everywhere. It's not just in the usual places anymore---desks, web browsers, bookshelves. It influences how we shop in a store, spend our nights out on the town, or plan our financial...

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Creative Confidence Will Change the Way You Think About Design

by Marion Brewer, Illustrations by Emily Okey

There is a lot of pressure to be creative. Pinterest DIY boards, Etsy, the creative class, creative industries, creative ninjas - we're more obsessed with creativity than ever. However, IDEO...

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Static or Bust

by jeff

A few weeks ago, a Carrot dev team consisting of Kyle, Tom, Josh, and myself participated in a hackathon called Static Showdown. We were particularly drawn to this hackathon since we are particularly...

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Hacking Twitter

by Tim

It's no secret that Twitter is known as the "real-time marketing" platform. As an individual, I find myself checking my Twitter feed whenever I want to see the latest conversations...

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Bringing the Continuous Client into the Living Room

by Gary

As digital services invade our living spaces, their lack of device-awareness and consumer intent understanding is preventing delivery of truly immersive multi-screen experiences. It was only a matter...

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Kudos to House of Cards' Social Media Team

by Lenny

The social media team behind Netflix's House of Cards Season 2 preview campaign gets it. They treat each platform differently to satiate the needs of each platform's audience using: shareable...

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The More You Know

by Kathryn

You know those classes in school where you'd just memorize the material for the sake of the test and then forget it the next day? Well recently, I've found myself having a renewed interest...

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Welcome to the Era of Chaos

by Mitch

As a society and culture, we are currently in the 'era of chaos.' This is effecting people, businesses, relationships, economies … each and every day. For brands and marketers, the goal is the...

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Just Say YES

by Amanda

Life lessons from advertising No is the easy way out. No is the end. It means I don't have to think about it anymore. I don't have to put any more energy to it, and I can forget about it. I...

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Your UGC Content Sucks

by RG

Why user generated content is (mostly) bad and how we can make it better How much longer do consumers have to put up with brands begging them to submit a photo, video, drawing, poem for a chance to...

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Falling Flat

by Jeff

As I'm sure everyone even slightly involved in the tech world is aware, Apple dropped some serious new releases yesterday at WWDC'13, including a new Mac Pro, a new Macbook Air, a new version...

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Native Advertising

by Tim

The way people consume content has fundamentally changed. Due to its always on, streaming feed, social media has forced brands to become publishers. The problem is, the influx in content has taken its...

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dd:Impact + The Book of Yeezus

by Amanda

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend dd:IMPACT, Digital Dumbo's half-day bi-annual conference showcasing digital innovation that fundamentally disrupts, evolves and advances business...

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Tumblr + Yahoo

by Amanda

Sundays are typically for rest. While I was busy hiding from the rain, chowing down on BBQ, and nursing a beer, I learned that Yahoo had reached an agreement to purchase Tumblr. My first thought was...

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by Marion

Earlier this week, BuzzFeed posted an article with the dramatic headline "Teens Abandoning Social Networks, Study Says." The digital marketing equivalent to shouting "FIRE!" in a...

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So You're On The Internet, Huh?

by Alexis

How do I know I've fallen victim to the social media plague? It may or may not have something to do with checking Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook before going to sleep. And before getting out of bed...

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Wireframes Up For Disucssion

by Emily

Trying to describe my job title "UX Design" to friends & family members often ends in blank stares, numerous questions and ultimately total confusion. I've somewhat given up all hope...

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Chipotle takes the Grand Prix at Cannes Lion's festival for Branded Content

by Juliette

2012 marks the first-ever Cannes Lion's Branded Content category, recognizing some of this year's best marketing and advertising commercials, web videos, and short films. This year's Grand...

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dd:Impact: The New Kid on the Block

by Amy

On May 31st, Digital Dumbo held their first official conference, dd:IMPACT, in the heart of DUMBO. The event took a broad view of the current state of affairs in the digital world from food and...

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Wide Awake...and on Facebook

by Alexis

This week, Katy Perry premiered her latest music video for the song "Wide Awake" and it's a veritable homage to Facebook. The music video is in the style of popular YouTube-esque lyric...

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A Pinterest-ing Experience

by Bonnie

What do you get when you combine Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and a bunch of other social media platforms? Pinterest! This virtual pinboard is kicking ass and many are asking, "Why didn't I...

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Syracuse Learns to Break the Rules, Carrot's Ego is Boosted

by Mike

Back in September, I was invited to speak to a former Carrot's class at Syracuse University. We all know I never miss an opportunity to speak about Carrot, inspire young, impressionable minds, and...

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Do You Have an App for That?

by Mike

Last week, I was in Las Vegas for CES, the major, mind-blowing trade show centered around consumer electronics. Besides going for the barrage of product previews and launches, I was asked to speak on...

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Where the Thinkers, Doers, and Creatives Come to Play

by Jen

Last night wasn't my first time at Digital DUMBO. Even though I moved to L.A. for three years, my monthly trips to New York always coincided with the event. I lived 3,000 miles away and I'd...

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5 Trends in Employee Communications

by Katy

The management of employee communication lies in a strange limbo between HR and PR; both struggling for clear, concise messaging but each with it's own set of tactics. Waves of hiring and...

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QR Codes Are So Hot Right Now

by Colin

QR Codes and Barcode attachments are quickly becoming de rigueur for social campaigns. Let's take a critical eye to these fancy-shmancy things and figure out where their value lies. Here is my run...

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Comic Con 2010 Recap – Her Universe and Beyond

by Mike P.

...Another world I had the privilege of representing Carrot Creative at Comic Con 2010 at the launch of Her Universe (you can read more about Her Universe in this previous writeup). This year's...

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A San Francisco Tech Treat – Voices That Matter Conference Roundup

by Steve

The City of San Francisco is basically known for 3 things: Full House, Barry Bonds, and Rice-a-Roni dishes. Well, I can now add another thing to that list – thought-provoking conferences on technology...

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Who doesn't like free stuff?

by Kaitlin Villanova

At Carrot Creative, we choose to work with brands we truly believe in, creating the absolute best digital representation of our clients products and of ourselves. Brands need to understand how...

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They say the neon lights are bright On Broadway

by Kristin

One of the greatest parts about seeing a Broadway show is the immediate connection that you feel to the cast. Look at how many young fans wait eagerly outside the stage door of their favorite show...

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Fan Me on Email

by Kristin

I received an email from Johnnie Walker (I'm a member of "The Striding Man Society" that offers some really great events for tastings of the brand-if you get the chance, go!) I get...

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A Carrot Clog

by Kristin

The Carrot team has been experimenting with ways to share news. For us to do our job and do it well, we pride ourselves on being on top of the latest trends and happenings in the news of social media...

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