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Two Truths and a Lie

by Len

Two Truths and a Lie I’ve always wanted to work for Carrot. I proposed to my wife on the front page of Buzzfeed. I’m related to Vladimir Putin. And now for the spoilers…. I have ALWAYS wanted to...

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Welcome Home

by Tara

Judy Fraser is one of the strongest willed, firm yet loving women I know. She’s successfully raised four children, mostly on her own while advancing her career. Judy is a role model, an amazing woman...

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Looking Back: Carrot Academy

by Monica Sagowitz

We are the interns. We eat peanut butter, pizza, stale bagels and all other forms of free food. People may not know us by name but swear they totally know our face. We make awkward conversation and...

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New Beginnings OR: The Beginning of a Vegetable

by Jonny

When I was little, I was a very picky eater: sugar, meat, cheese, bread/pasta & potatoes. My mother once took me to the Rabbi (they were tight) to get him to convince me to eat veggies. Jews don’t...

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The Decision

by Faley

“I’m getting out of advertising,” I said in early 2014. After almost five years in the game, I was tapping out. I had been with small boutique agencies, large PR firms, and full-service shops that...

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Learning the Hustle

by Stef

“We’re so super stoked!” When I received this email, accompanied by a gif of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air doing the running man, was when I knew I found my place in the universe. But let’s rewind a...

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Serendipity, DUMBO Style

by Varta

“Um, well….I quit my job already. What should I do?” This is what was going through my mind October 9th, when I received news that would eventually change the course of my life (dramatic, but true...

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Fake Santa. Real Job.

by Amanda Yang

As I write this welcome blog sitting on Santa’s lap, I am realizing that Christmas is over. This isn’t Santa. It’s a guy with a beard. I’m in Brooklyn. Everyone has a beard. Let me tell you the story...

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My Rom Com

by Priyanka

Exposition: Back in good ol’ Chicago, my bestie4lyfe, Lauren, told me there was an opening at Carrot for an Art Director (the first art director position at Carrot, EVER.). I had already heard magical...

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Making The Right Decision

by Antonio

Moving back to New York City was probably one of the best decisions I've made this year. Before Carrot, I was a Fellow for AOL's automotive brand Autoblog. My experience at AOL was a great...

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Carrot Is My Unicorn

by Christine

After a few months of freelance work during a period of unemployment, I came across Carrot by happenstance. I was involved in my usual daily routine of sending out resumes and applications when I came...

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"How to (undeservedly) feel like Rocky"

by Asif

It was only my second day at Carrot, and the entire office of 100+ people was already loudly chanting my name in unison. “ASIF! ASIF! ASIF!” Seriously, a guy could really get used to that. I’m pretty...

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Forget the Cover Letter

by Harun

Carrot was different. No urine test. No standard cover letter and resume submission. No, when I arrived at the Carrot site to apply, I was asked to explain what super-power I would have if I could...

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My First Hour in the Carrot Office

by Jaime

As soon as I hopped off my plane from Austin, I cabbed straight to the Carrot office to grab the keys of the apartment they were putting me in while I found a place to live. This was the afternoon...

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On "Grand Plans"

by Perry

Flashback to 1996: a mini Perry, age 12, seriously short, seriously full of attitude (sorry mom). In response to "What do you want to be when you grow up," I wrote "Lawyer." Really...

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Where there’s a Will, There’s a Way

by Ben

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. That's something my parents have told me since I was very young and it's something I take with me wherever I go. Thanks mom and dad. Finally being here...

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Worth the Wait

by Peter

From: ryan@carrotcreative.com To: peterw@gmail.com Subject: greetings ‘greetings peter. never thanked you for your holiday card. we have a need for account directors, wanna come in and talk?’ I...

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Observations of a Mind Reader

by John

“You’re going to need to be able to read his mind.” Such was the most important requirement told to me during my interview that I needed for the job I was seeking. Since I am writing this welcome...

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On Working From Behind the Scenes

by Nina

A funny thing about HR is that it kind of gets a bad rap. Like recruiting– anyone who has had a bad experience will forever remain a hater. The truth is, as someone with a recruiting background, I was...

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Is This Real Life?!

by Matt

The first time I stepped foot into Carrot headquarters was the last time I ever wore a suit jacket. It was May of my senior year. With graduation season on its way, I had finally begun to accept the...

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Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone and Into My Dream Job

by Marissa

"You've only been out of college for a year and you've already had two jobs --can you explain?" That is a question that I have become all too familiar with during my most recent job...

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Born Again Carrot

by Kim

So this is a little weird... because I know I've definitely been here before. I first met most of Carrot a year ago, when I interned for the summer. I started as a Strategy and Analytics intern...

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Stories are Everything

by Rabi

I never planned on working in advertising. I was a photojournalist, honing my skills at my college's daily and passing through a couple of professional community newspapers. I loved meeting new...

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3 Things I Learned from Being a College Dropout

by Noah

Social situations can often be awkward. When you're a college dropout, in the age of social networks where most everyone has completed (at least) four years college, first encounters are...

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Simply Me

by Henry

Since my freshman year in high school, I've been interested in computers. I learned basic networking from Cisco gear, jumped into hacking for a bit (went to Las Vegas for Defcon 21), had a scare...

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If You're Happy And You Know It

by Lauren

If you were to read my preschool "All about Lauren" book, you'd learn that my hopes and dreams consisted of working at a grocery store as a bagger --and I'm happy (sad?) to say those...

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The Buy-In

by Alexa

Alexa joins us as a design intern from the Rochester Institute of Technology. I've always dreamed that my track as a design student would lead me to life in a big city. The question has been...

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A Carrot Story

by Yunzhe

Yunzhe joins us as a strategy intern from the University of Virginia. "What's your major?" "Psychology." After my answer, the interviewer's voice would always trail off...

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Making the Dream Work

by Evan

I was at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and had just finished inspecting a pair of Nike Air Max trainers from 1992... Actually, lets go back a bit... I grew up about 30 minutes south of...

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It’s Hard To Find a Home

by Gitamba

A lot of what drives what I do involves skating to where I think the puck is going to be. I left Connecticut as a college student to head out West, towards California. Living in San Francisco provided...

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Never Give Up, Never Surrender

by Madison

Carrot Creative is the first place that ever intimidated me. It's also the only place that I've ever been rejected by. When I first stumbled upon Carrot, two and a half years ago, my first...

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The Language of Finding a Dream Job

by Miki

Miki joins Carrot as a digital production designer; she was previously a graphic designer at Thomson Reuters. Who knew my career would change from a Radio Personality/TV Reporter in Japan to a...

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Seeking a Challenge

by Sean

Sean is Carrot's first remote developer, and the youngest person at Carrot; ever. He's currently in Wisconsin and will begin relocating to NYC this summer. I discovered Carrot by accident...

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A Flight of Fancy

by Meghan

The first job I ever really wanted was to be that person in the airport who takes your ticket to board the plane. You see, I've always had issues with my ears, and so flying was painful; and...

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Sipping the Kool-Aid

by Caleb

I just started here at Carrot, but my experience with the company began long ago... ...over five years ago, to be exact, when I was studying graphic design at Indiana University. On one of those...

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Where’s Waldo?

by Daneka

Daneka joins our QA department from OpenSky where she was a QA Analyst. I like to say that software testing is a lot like playing a game of 'Where's Waldo.' The difference however, is...

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Accidentally Wonderful

by Brandon

When we were blissfully ignorant children, our parents wisely told us, "You can be anything you want to be." And they meant it. Although inspirational, that statement is extremely...

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That Time I Was Adopted By My Work Family...

by Emily

I'd never known what it was to be part of a work family, until I joined Carrot. Carrot is a company with merit, status and awesome personality. I didn't really know this when Alexis, Director...

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Sometimes Hustling Looks a Lot Like Waiting

by Lloyd

"It's important not to quit prematurely. The people who get what they're after are very often the ones who just stick around long enough... You can't count on success; you can only...

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High School Daydreams

by Graeme

Graeme joins us as a designer. Prior to Carrot, he was the illustrator at turntable.fm. It's funny to think that I used to draw my favorite logos and cartoon characters in the back of my...

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Never Settle, and Be Picky

by Harris

Harris joins us as our newest analyst. Hailing from North Carolina, he was previously an insights analyst at McKinney. How did I end up at Carrot? I followed this mantra: 'Never settle, and be...

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by Henry

Henry joins us as a development intern. Prior to Carrot, he was the Country Director/ China and Recruitment Manager in Asia at Rustic Pathways. I started learning to code because the internet is the...

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Always Looking

by Andrew

Andrew joins us as a ux designer. Prior to Carrot, he was designer/developer for Atlantic Records. I'm perpetually on the outside looking in; so imagine my horror when asked repeatedly to share my...

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My undeniably cheesy 'Welcome' post

by Sarah

Sarah joins us as an account supervisor from Canvas where she was the director of strategy. "Oh, where did YOU come from?" Now, imagine that in a really nice, no, really I'm genuinely...

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Persistent Little F*ck

by Kurt

Persistent Little F*ck... those are the words that Mike chose to describe me when, after over two years of being on the outside looking in, I was being invited to become a part of the Carrot family. I...

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Summer of Icons

by Ben S

When I started my internship as a UX Intern this summer, I immediately knew that it'd be one to remember. As the end approached, I began to think of a way to save all the memories. I could make a...

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Redshirt Freshman on Deck

by Ben S

When I was asked to write a welcome post for the Carrot blog, I thought that I would detail my journey from a dead-end University where I dreamt of a future at Pixar, to an unbelievable life change...

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Take More Risks

by Lenny

Lenny joins us as a community manager from the New York Daily News and The Boston Globe where he served as an online sports editor. Once upon a time there was a college newspaper adviser who was fired...

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by Bruno

Bruno joins the team as our newest Producer. Welcome him to the family with a friendly tweet: @brunog "A story to me means a plot where there is some surprise. Because that is how life is – full...

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Welcome Gary

by Gary

Gary joins Carrot as the Director of Ad-Ventures from KCP Capital. I've had the opportunity to visit Carrot as a friend of the family over the years and always found it to be a special place to...

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Breaking Good

by Kaitlin V.

As a Quality Assurance Analyst, it's my job to try and break things. I'd like to say that I got the job at Carrot because my awful drawing skills broke their website. Here's how it all...

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Emily Joins Carrot

by Emily

Emily joins us from RIT as a JR. UX Designer. "Are you serious?!" is probably not the correct word choice to instill confidence into the person who just offered you a job but it was all I...

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by Everald

Everald joins the family as our newest Analyst! Please welcome him to Carrot with a friendly tweet: @EezyV It was 7AM and I was on a ferry from NJ to NYC for my interview with Carrot. I had no idea...

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Worth The Wait

by Amanda

Amanda joins Carrot as our newest Strategist. Send her a friendly tweet to say hello: @AmandaKRue It was exactly 1,257 days from when I first tweeted Mike Germano to when I started my first day at...

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Meant To Be

by Brittany

Have you ever experienced that pivotal moment when you realize you have no idea what you were meant to do with your life? It's commonly known as the post-college freak-out. Well, that's where...

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The Intern Gets on the Internet

by Josh W.

Josh joins Carrot as our Design Intern. Please welcome him to the family with a friendly tweet: @joshuawetstone Every year, RIT holds a massive career fair geared towards digital agencies known as...

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An Englishman (Not) In New York

by Tom B.

Tom joins our Dubai team as a Strategist and resident Brit. Welcome him to the family with a friendly tweet: @tomhbird Just two days before my first day at the Middle Eastern outpost of Carrot...

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Next Chapter

by Amy

Amy joins as a Strategist. Welcome her to the family with a friendly tweet: @amybenz I arrived in New York on a Sunday and started work with Carrot on a Monday. A bit over-ambitious in terms of jet...

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7,810 Miles

by Matt E.

Matt joins us as Social Activation Manager in our Dubai office. Welcome him to the family with a friendly tweet: @meontap So the conversation went something like this: Me (to my dad): I have an...

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Carrying the Carrot Flag

by Scott

_Scott joins us as a Production Manager in our Dubai office. Welcome him to the family with a friendly tweet: @swells__ A little over two years ago, I flew to Austin, TX for my first trip to SXSW...

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Episode IV: A New Home

by Matt

Matt joins us as an account executive with a media planning background from MediaCom. Things really do have a way of working out - especially when you'd least expect it to. I'd say it all...

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Welcome Marion

by Marion

Marion joins us as a producer from BuddyMedia. In days of yore, you'd join a company after college and work there through retirement. At this point in my life, I think I've worked for as many...

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One Year At Carrot

by Daniela

Daniela celebrates her first Carrotversary. As a Producer, I have this thing where I'm really focused on deadlines and what everyone needs to contribute by a certain time in order to get things...

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Carrot For a Change

by Bonnie

Bonnie joins us as a designer from ARGUS in Boston. We all get comfortable with our lives, our jobs, our friends. We know what we like, and we know what we don't. We get to a point where we feel...

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Much Ado About Carrot

by Juliette

Juliette joins the team from Big Fuel as a Producer The first time I was in a room with Mike Germano, and heard him speak passionately about the company he had built, I couldn't think of anything...

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In Which the New Intern Writes a Blog Post

by Carrot Creative

Sam Shepherd is an Art Director student at Miami Ad School interning for Carrot Creative this quarter. Follow him on Twitter at @samtheshep. I should not be allowed to do this. Interns are pixel...

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4 Good Reasons to Call Carrot "Home"

by Nick

There are 4 things that I look for in the companies I choose to work with: passion, creativity, drive, and balance. And Carrot's got 'em all in spades. From my first interview to my first...

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Carrot Gets a Little More Carroty

by Billy

I'm a body language expert. So when I asked if Carrot had a ginger quota they were trying to fill by hiring me, I stared them down in search of the truth. NO WAY was I going to sell out and let...

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The Bearded Rookie; Welcome Adam Katzenback

by Mike

We've effectively crossed off three things from the Carrot's needs list, all with the hiring of one very bright man. First, we've fulfilled our beard quota. It's not that we Carrot men...

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Meet Tom Milewski, Carrot's New Development Ninja

by Kyle

Good developers are hard to come by... especially right now. As brands, agencies and companies embrace the power of technology, more and more people are hiring in-house talent, putting developers in...

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The Blog Post Comment Girl

by Rianna

Carrot Creative is a growing company. That means that everyone here has enough work to do without worrying about scheduling meetings, ordering the company Thanksgiving dinner and playing fetch with...

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A new addition to the Carrot Crew: Kaitlin Villanova

by Kaitlin Villanova

Hello Carrot Creative blog readers my name is Kaitlin Villanova and I am the newest member of the Carrot Creative team here in Dumbo Brooklyn. What attracted me to Carrot was the creative environment...

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