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If You're Happy And You Know It

by Lauren

If you were to read my preschool "All about Lauren" book, you'd learn that my hopes and dreams consisted of working at a grocery store as a bagger --and I'm happy (sad?) to say those hopes and dreams never came true.

I started college as a Journalism major. I liked words, so it seemed like the most logical choice as far as majors go. But, the summer before my junior year, I started learning the ropes of advertising at a fun little agency in NJ. I left the desk one day and got to tag along on a photo shoot for a Thanksgiving print ad, and watched in astonishment as the food stylist literally painted floor shellac on the uncooked beast (meat, gross!) to make it look perfectly oven-roasted. That looked pretty fun, so I was thinking maybe I should become a food stylist. By the time we got back home to NJ, I was over that and decided to stick to writing... but at least I learned that I wanted to work in advertising.

After college, I packed my bags and headed to Chicago where I spent the next 15 months going through a Sharpie a week at portfolio school. I loved the city so much that I decided to stay out there for a few more years and got my first job as a copywriter. Some things I picked up while living in the Midwest include, but are not limited to: pranking people, eating pizza at least once a day (or some form of bread + cheese), giving up meat, bringing up my dog in every conversation and a strong love for Bloody Mary bars.

I stumbled upon Carrot one day back in August of 2013, and knew that the day I got a job offer from them was the day I'd move back to the east coast. I applied online where I believe I spelled out "I love pizza" out of refrigerator magnets, and somehow got a call to interview. The timing wasn't right then, but a little under a year later that opportunity came a knocking and the rest is history. I couldn't be happier to be back in a city that offers dollar slices of pizza on street corners and to be working with such fun, talented people #dreamjob. Oh, and I still do a mean job bagging groceries.