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  • Carrot and Target’s 2014 Halloween campaign is an imaginative social activation that hacks Instagram and invites guests to trick-or-treat in Halloween Hills - a multi-account experience full of trick-or-treat DIY surprises.

  • Knock (tap) once on a house to Trick-or-Treat

  • The tag for each house’s trick or treat instagram account pops up

  • Tapping house sends you into an Instagram account dedicated to a Halloween themed DIY project. Selecting treat sends you to a step by step recipe to make a Halloween treat.

  • Each project follows the theme of the house it "lives" in.

  • Each house in the neighborhood tells its own tale… as guests trick-or-treat on @Target, they experience a new story in each piece of content.
  • It’s a first of its kind Instagram hack; using a seamless illustration of a neighborhood street made of 15 individual posts on @Target that lead out to 30+ accounts - each contributing to over 300 pieces of content that teach you how to trick-or-treat-do-it-yourself.
  • Easter eggs are hidden within the experience, whether within the illustrations or discovered through tags, that lead to ‘Like to Buy’ items available at Target.com.
  • The experience, brought to you by a retailer, is purely about discovery and inspiration.

The Details

30 Accounts; 300 Pieces of Content; 600 studio hours; 15 Tricks, 15 Treats and a hidden puppy costume fashion show… Carrot reimagined trick-or-treating like never before in their Instagram Neighborhood: Halloween Hills


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